The Beech Tree

Do you want to make a change in your life? Do you cling to old habits and ways? Perhaps now is the time to take some action.

I’ve been watching Spring unfurl in my new environment and have posted on Instagram numerous pictures of blossom’s, flower’s and tree’s.
I was particularly taken by this one small beech tree on my daily morning dog walk.

Rufus on his daily morning walk.

When all the other tree’s were bursting into life this small tree was doggedly hanging onto last years leaves. Even when Storm Doris had ran rampant across the countryside these dead leaves did not budge.

Beech no change
Hanging onto last years leaves

It made me think how we can hang on to “stuff” that is no longer of any use to us. It may have had a valuable place and a necessary use but that no longer applies or is relevant to today just like last year’s leaves. Is it time to let go of some old habits, redundant activities or friendships?

Beginning to change
Letting go!

Like the beech tree letting new life in, starting again and relishing a fresh start may be the BEST thing for you too. Do it NOW, embrace Spring and like the Beech Tree really begin to flourish, feel proud of your revived outlook and elevated approach to life!  The new buds seemed to miraculously dismiss the redundant leaves, getting rid of them in a way Storm Doris couldn’t!

new growth/change
Let new life in 🙂

The process of change doesn’t happen overnight for anybody (or the beech tree)
It takes:

But you have to get started, set the wheels in motion and keep moving forward. You have to believe in yourself  and your ability to achieve. Change can and will happen be patient, but be consistent.


   The Beech Tree in full bloom!

Let me know what you’re going to change in your life.

Good luck.

Thanks for reading.

Jen x

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