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In my post about the 4 pillars of good health  you’ll find that sleep was one of the pillars. In a follow up post I talked more about why sleep is important to good health. I hope you now see why it is important to take sleep seriously! I also promised a post on sleep tips to get a good quality night’s sleep, here it is.

sleep tops
Do you count sheep to get to sleep?

Tip 1. Exercise

It is important to get balance in our lives and taking some exercise is an important part of that. Exercise is important for our heart health, bone strength (Osteoporosis -What do you know about it?) and reducing the risk of things like depression and late onset diabetes.  Exercise stimulates our stress hormone cortisol and stimulates the brain, it stimulates our “fight or flight” defence  (Stress Awareness). Although exercising late in the day may not be conducive to a good night’s sleep, exercise is!  If at all possible take your exercise earlier in the day.

Tip 2. Reduce blue wavelengths!

The screens on our electronic devices emit blue wavelengths which disrupt our circadian rhythms, that is they trick our body clock see this for a comprehensive explanation. Try using the Night Shift setting on your phone (Settings >Display&Brightness>Night Shift); set regular on/off or manually enable. Give yourself a curfew on these devices as part of your bedtime routine (see below)

Tip 3. To nap or not to nap……

Avoid napping, if you need a nap to get through your day, again do it early or limit the time you nap. Set an alarm!

Tip 4. Your Bedroom

Check out your bedroom. Block out any disturbing noise and light. Ensure it is not too hot or stuffy. Make it a room for sleeping in, remove the TV and separate activities that cause you excitement, stress or anxiety so that in this place you can relax, chill and sleep!

sleep tips
Bedroom fit for purpose – Sleep

Tip 5. A bedtime routine

Develop a bedtime routine. Start with that curfew away from blue light and bright light.  Take time to slow down  – a bath or reading. Invest time in getting ready for sleep. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time everyday will regulate your body clock and enable a good nights sleep.

Tip 6. Trips to the loo

To avoid trips to the loo in the night limit your fluids in the evening. Seems simple!

Tip 7. Menopausal issues

If hot flushes are an issue for you, along with seeking medical advice and considering HRT  (more info. here Menopause post), it may help to wear bed socks. This can help to lower the core body temperature and aid sleep. For more advice on Sleep and the Menopause click here

Do I follow these sleep tips?

Mostly I guess, here’s my round up
Tip 1. I prefer to exercise in the morning
Tip 2. I try to have a curfew…. and I have changed the setting on my phone.
Tip 3. I don’t nap
Tip 4. No TV or other exciting things in my bedroom. A little light pollution from a street light but I hide under the duvet anyway
Tip 5. I do have a routine which culminates with reading in bed….it works for me, always has done, as a child my Dad often had to remove the book from my face and switch the light off!
Tip 6. No ……I have a peppermint tea or two in the evening and invariably have to get up in the night. However I do go straight back to sleep
Tip 7. I don’t recall any problems but I do like to wear socks in bed in the winter….but then my house is pretty chilly!

Do you have any other sleep tips?

Thanks for reading.

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